My work thrives under the assumptions formed by the cursory glance. On the surface much of my work appears to be wildlife photography of animals interaction with humans, its as if I captured the fantastical. “Is that real” is a question I get on a daily basis, and it is one for which there is an obvious answer, “Yes”. I do consider myself a wildlife photographer, and in the wild is where I gain much of my imagery and reference material, but above that I am a fine artist and I have something to say. Photo composite is my primary medium, creating believably ‘real’ insights to the natural environment and human’s influence on it. I strive to create an eerie atmosphere, begging the questions how did I make the animals do that? and how could I do that to them? I am interested in habitat loss, environmental ethics, human impact in both urban and natural realms and where art fits in all of this. Using my art as a tool to bring across messages of conservation and human intervention, as well as the hypocrisy that goes along with both of these stances.

Wildlife photography is a medium that I struggle with ethically, yet it is the format of a large portion of my practice, poaching animals with my subjective gaze. This medium is a parasitic relationship in which only I am benefiting. A subtractive medium yet also additive sculpting an image. There is a fragmented connection, augmented by a romantic notion of being able to live side by side with nature. Yet there is a thrill that happens when we photograph wildlife, it reminds us how primitive we are. Once we see a bear, wolf, or a pine martin if you are lucky, the urge to capture its likeness can become so strong that boundaries can be pushed aside. I want to explore this relationship by creating surreal photomontages exploring surface encounters and conceptual rationales to question what is real.




2017: Resolve Photo, Animals on Display, Solo Show, April-June 29th
2017: Holly Grill, Solo Show, April-June


2010-2015: Alberta College of Art and Design, Bachelor of Design with Distinction in Photography

Awards and Scholarships:

2016: Lens Culture Emerging Talent Awards 2016
2016: CPC Elevate & The Worldwide WOW Photo Contest 1st place Winner- Professional Category
2016: Emerging Photographer Showcase Winner – Exposure Festival
2015: ACAD Board of Governors Award
2015: Liberal Studies Ethics Award
2015: Stanford Perrott Innovative Projects Scholarship
2015: Dr. Blythe K. V. Brown Exploration Scholarship
2015: Barbra & John Poole Family Scholarship Fund
2015: The M. James & Elsie Mathieson Scholarship
2015: Jason Lang Scholarship
2014: Joyce & Owen Hughes Memorial Award
2014: Bob Ranson Memorial Scholarship
2014: Nicole Jennifer Creig Memorial Scholarship
2014: Jason Lang Scholarship
2013: People’s Choice Award in Visual Arts Alberta Photography Exhibition
2013: Barbra & John Poole Family Scholarship Fund
2013: Janet Mitchell Award in Art
2013: The M. James & Elsie Mathieson Scholarship

Selected Exhibitions:

2017: Vendome, Solo Show, Calgary, Alberta
2017: Exposure 2017: Invited Guests and Members, Canmore, Alberta
2017: Blackout, Exposure Festival, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta
2016: Gravity, Solo Show
2016: Wild Things, Garside Wilson Gallery, Longview Alberta
2016: Exposed Calgary, Alberta
2016: Exposure 2016: People, Places & Things, Canmore, Alberta
2015: Visual Arts Alberta Photography Exhibition, Northern and Southern Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton and Calgary, August
2015: Waterloo Juried Exhibition, Waterloo Arts Festival, Cleveland, Ohio
2015: Alberta College of Art and Design Graduate Exhibition, Illingworth Kerr, Calgary, Alberta
2015: Blind Spot, Exposure Festival, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta
2015: Post-Miniature Exhibition and Auction, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
2015: 4th Annual Fundraiser Exposure 2015, Promotional Photo, Live Auction Exhibition Participant
2014: Show and Sale, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta
2014: PUSH 2014, C2 Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2013: Visual Arts Alberta Photography Exhibition, Northern and Southern Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta
2012: Show and Sale, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta

Selected Publications and Professional Experience:

2017: Feature Shoot, Artist Article, May 29
2017: Tabi Labo, Artist Article, April 20
2016: The Canadian Wilderness Artist Residency 2016, Yukon River
2016: Dote Magazine, Spring Issue
2016: Applied Arts 2016 Photography & Illustration Winner May Issue
2015: Market Collective, ACAD Sponsored Artist, Dec 11-13
2015: Wild Lands Advocate, Featured Artist
2015: Market Collective, Debut Artist, Nov 28-30
2015: MANIFEST, Fourth International Photography Annual
2015: Flesh and Bone Magazine, Featured Artist Interview
2015: Photographers Forum Magazine, Best of College & High School Photography 2015
2015: What Are You Looking At?: Eye-Opening Exhibits At The Exposure Photography Festival, article in Swerve Magazine, Calgary Herald, February 2015
2015: Cover Photo for Exposure 2015: Photography Festival, Catalogue and Festival Guide, Alberta, February 2015
2014: Wildlife Photographs Published on, December 2014
2014: PUSH 2014, PUSH 2014 Catalogue, April 2014
2012: Photo of the Week, National Geographic Web, November 2012